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The Ireland Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IBCCI), is one of the  prestigious & successful organisation for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in the Ireland and Bangladesh.

Our prime objective is to promote trade relation  , programmes and projects between two countries that will  build up investment climate for both countries also connects with them both in the Ireland and Bangladesh along with key government ministers, departments, organisations, various chambers of commerce and personnel from both countries.

To achieve our aims, the focus behind the organization will be based upon consultant networking, forums, exhibitions, trade missions, lectures and presentations, and providing a full on line service delivering information and advice on setting up a business.

Ireland has some of the most stunning scenery in Europe. The friendliness and investment friendly climate will inspire you to invest in their. Dublin is one of the  Europe’s  oldest cities it has his own historical ,investment and cultural Charms 

Members will be able to gain insight into successful market approaches, connect directly with key government officials and business leaders that wish to extend and promote experience and knowledge, so that others may learn from companies that are already doing business in the market and benefit from sector-specific matchmaking sessions that will open doors for potential business relations.

We will send first-hand information to our members on the latest opportunities and meet key contacts who can give customized advice and help to maximize their business in the Ireland  and Bangladesh.

Ireland Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IBCCI ) will focus on:

  • Provide more effective practical support and communications to existing and future entrepreneurs and to promote and improve the business environment in Ireland and Bangladesh.
  • Stimulate a vibrant economy within the community and produce a co-operative effort to enhance the overall quality of businesses that will enable them to reach their highest potential.
  • Work towards increasing the prosperity by facilitating the growth of existing businesses.
  • Create inward and outward investment between the Ireland and Bangladesh whilst addressing and promoting the establishment and improvement of the social, professional, civic, cultural and educational needs of the business community
  • Create and support in all aspects the next generation of entrepreneurs, and continuing our past efforts of liaising and developing our relationship with the business community
  • Help a wide variety of business communities to achieve a more sustainable performance model, encouraging and improving best practice standards
  • Offer help and advice to small and medium size businesses on start- up and growth
  • Promote, protect and strengthen bi-lateral trade and commerce between Bangladesh and the United Kingdom and between them and the European Community;
  • Promote investment, joint ventures, research and development in both countries;
  • Maintain close ties with traders both in the United Kingdom and in Bangladesh, including the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry and relevant government ministries.

BBCCI is a not for profit membership organisation which utilises the membership fees and other income to support UK and Non Resident Bangladeshi Businesses across the world. BBCCI has a dedicated Board of volunteer Directors and a small team of officers who have worked hard to make BBCCI a successful brand in supporting the business community and therefore the wider community. As economic conditions, trends in the business landscape and customer expectations change we will support the success of businesses across the country, Europe and Bangladesh.


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