IBCCI: Ireland Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Ireland Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IBCCI)

The Ireland Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IBCCI), is one of the  prestigious & successful organisation for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in the Ireland and Bangladesh.

Our prime objective is to promote trade relation  , programmes and projects between two countries that will  build up investment climate for both countries also connects with them both in the Ireland and Bangladesh along with key government ministers, departments, organisations, various chambers of commerce and personnel from both countries.

To achieve our aims, the focus behind the organization will be based upon consultant networking, forums, exhibitions, trade missions, lectures and presentations, and providing a full on line service delivering information and advice on setting up a business.

Message  from President & secretary of IBCCI:

 An entrepreneur and the founder and trustee of Painted Children which is an internationally recognized Community Development Organisiation which was established in 2005. Originally it aided street and slum children, woman and those with disabilities with health care issues. Also he is the Managing Director ofFakhruddin Global Limited which is offering one of the most delicious and legendary dishes from Bangladesh in London which is also known as Food of the Nawabs.

Nazinur is currently developing a training center to help NEETs and Long Term Unemployed back into employment in the UK, The aim for the long term unemployed is to again help them develop their skills to allow them back into the work force.

Nazinur Rahim has vast experience in working with a number of corporate organizations in home and abroad

Nazinur Rahim is the also involved in British Bangladeshi Chambers of Commerce and Industry aiming to promote, protect and strengthen bi-lateral trade and commerce between Bangladesh and the United Kingdom and between them and the European Community. Maintain close ties with traders both in the United Kingdom and in Bangladesh.

Nazinur played a vital role by giving his effort in Aaila and Sidor (one of the worst affected areas of climate change in South East Asia) affected area, to help their population to overcome the problems caused by cyclones. He also played a vital role in flood and other divested crisis in Bangladesh.


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